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Alberk üretim

The equipment of poultry processing system pass though multi-stage complex production process. The first stage of it is CAD (Computer-aided design) & CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing). In this department our engineers, technicians and designers prepare a special project according your building’s architectural properties, requested capacity and your special requests.

In the machining department our CNC processing center, CNC lathe, analogue machines and milling cutter and other machines ensures the integrated and uninterrupted manufacturing. Our digital machines produce sensitive parts requiring high precision in high performance and quality.

In the main construction of the project, chase, conveyor, cabin and other sections which it need rough production we use steel, metal sheet and stainless steel, and we perform cutting, bending, press, welding and carrying on it to take its final form.

In the main manufacturing stage we collect the parts of the equipment to finalize our manufacturing process. After that we pack the machines preparing it to be shipped after we make the needed tests.


Alberk montaj

When the manufactured machines reach its destination, our installation engineers start their journey to the location of the project to construct the system, our installation team consists of mechanical, electronical and automation engineers. Each installation specialists receives a special education to be prepared to construct the system, and they perform the installation with taking in account the smallest details of the project.


Alberk devreye alma

In the installation process we prepare the machines to be ready to work.

To lunch the system without any problem we perform some needed tests. After that we start up the machines with poultry slaughtering and perform the required adjustments to ensure that the system works efficiently.


Alberk egitim

Also we provide training on the installed system to the technicians who will be responsible on the system, the training period may vary according the number of the installed machines and the capacity of the system, we introduce all the information regarding the system from the beginning till the last stage in the poultry processing. Which provide healthy and efficient working of the system.


Alberk yedek parça

Stopping the system during the operation time due to some part is a huge problem, to avoid this deficiencies and to solve the problem in the shortest possible time you should be prepared, if it was a simple part or a complex one all the needed spare parts exist in our stock at any time. Providing the needed spare parts in short time helps to avoid losing of time and production.


Alberk servis

As in each industrial system, also poultry processing systems need regular maintenance and repair. And that include checking the moving mechanisms, sections of the machine, motors, reducers and other parts. And system’s efficient and regular operation. Our service team can check and inspect all the working facilities or the newly lunched facilities to ensure its efficient and long-lasting operation.


Alberk proje danışmanlığı

Rather than selling equipment, we admit to you that it is true, reliable, and that you have a manufacturing facility that is tailored to your production needs and capacity. With over 30 years of work experience, we provide you with a realistic road map. So you avoid potential risks for the return and profit of your investment. Our consultancy will guide you to a finest, efficient and high quality poultry processing plant.